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Is email marketing dead?  Lately, it feels like the marketing world has fallen out of love with email marketing.  A recent survey reported a 20% decline in email usage between 2008-2012, as the medium surrendered ground to social networks, IM, and mobile messaging apps.

However, while marketers expect to shift budgets to other channels including social media and display advertising, email marketing continues to account for a far greater share of acquired customers than social. Email marketing remains a critical part of a business owner’s toolkit, with close to 91% of all consumers still reporting daily email use. Email marketing conversion rates are estimated to be at least 3x as high as social media conversion rates, with average order values estimated to be 17% higher via email marketing than social media.

So what does this mean for your small-business? At Digital Noise Marketing we understand the importance of retaining current customers and gaining new ones. With email marketing you can do just that, by creating email lists and sending out promotions, newsletters and other important information. Let Digital Noise Marketing handle your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing - Digital Noise Marketing

Digital Noise Marketing makes email marketing simple for small business owners and start-ups. We handle all the hard and confusing technical issues for you. We are there for you and your company’s online marketing needs.

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